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Soil & Potting Mixes

Garden Soil Blend
A general purpose soil mix based on selected Toowoomba red soil and blended with compost, ash, sand, minerals, gypsum and nitrogenous fertilizer. This soil is manufactured to Australian Standard AS 4419 and is suitable for most garden applications.

Organic Soil Blend
A lightweight soil blend with a high organic matter content manufactured from natural scrub soil, sand, compost, ash and nitrogenous fertilizer manufactured to Australian Standard AS 4419. Suitable for a general purpose garden soil, raised planting areas or large containers.

Lawn Top Dressing
Loading a soil mix into a trailer A rich blend of fine washed sand (less than 2 mm), steer manure and scrub soil with a very high water infiltration rate. Recommended depth of 2-5mm, do not smother leaves.

Turf Starter
This product is made to plant lawn seed or to lay turf onto. A coarser version of couch top dressing. This mixture comprises fine sand, loam, compost and ash. Use to a depth of 50-100mm thick.

Potting Mix
A high quality growing medium manufactured from composted bark, sand, coal ash and matured compost to Australian Standard AS 3743. Suited to larger containers than premium mix due to the addition of compost. Generally a lower water holding capacity.

Enriched Compost
A fully composted blend of screened cow manure, aged bark fines, blood and bone and a variety of other organic materials. It is designed to be dug into existing garden beds or added to clay based or sandy soils to improve the overall quality. PH neutral it can be used with confidence around all plant types as it will not burn or damage the root system.

Our soils and potting mixes are the highest quality mixed in Toowoomba for local conditions. We have two special garden soils, two lawn top dressings and two lawn under turf soils.

Our popular potting mix is sold in bulk or in 40 litre bags.

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